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January 28th – 7:00p.m. at the Little Theatre

Rock the town


Goodbye Windows
Sam Vana, Tony Hong, Connor Perlman and Christian Seremetis

Havana Affair
Matt Golden, Tim Holt, Devon Etzrodt and John Baney

Take Four
James Mabli, Max Caine and Brian Caine

The Stilettos
Tim Whiting, Gillian Foley, Jim White, Roy Sheldon and Will Ivory

Amy Briggs, Andy Meyer, Don Dexter, Frank Lampone, Frank Muchel, Joe Oriente and Mike Black

Declan Power Band
Declan Power, Christy Baron, Sandi Bushnell, Jay Baney, Murat Aktar, Dana Watson, Dave Fox, Buddy Booker and Tom Wooley