Directed by Louisa Vilardi

Stage Managers: Molly McCarthy and Katie VanBuskirk

Music by: Evan Beirne, Emily Kopec and Nik Gambardella

Katherine Kearney, Jack Slomin, Cammy Lucca, Michael Crowe, 
Maeve Montague, Sally Wantanabe, Teddy Wavle, Hayley Tyrrell, 
Nik Gambardella, Sara Vaccaro, Chloe Blauner, Patrick Meyer, Jess Marr, 
Ben Feder, Carly Corcoran, Jack Mathey, Morgan Mastrangelo, Sam Flynn, 
Abby McKenna, Sofia Gambardella, Olivia Cherry, Devon Allan, Cat Taura,
Brendan Sheehan and Julia Louizides


May 12th at 7
May 13th at 8
May 14th  at 8

Tickets go on sale today at 7:00 p.m.

Ticktets are $15 for adults, $10 for seniors/students/staff with a special $7 at 7 for students for the Thursday performance available through the leadership council