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An exciting weekend program to explore singing, dancing, acting and all things theater! Learn selected scenes and songs from popular musicals while working with
high school students!

Students will arrive on Friday afternoon to be greeted by RHS New Players, play fun theater games and learn about the shows from which they will be performing selections. Saturday, the two groups will rotate through music, dance and acting stations to rehearse fun group numbers and practice short solos and lines that will be given out Saturday morning. The fun packed weekend will culminate in a mini performance for friends and family with lights, simple costumes and microphones!

This program is being offered for children in grades 4-8!  They will be directed by high school students and supervised by the ​New Players​ administrative staff.

Any questions can be emailed to Dr. Meg Schaefer at ​ mschaefer@ridgewood.k12.nj.us.